ZUMBA®Fitness Classes

Schedules and Fees 2019-2020



ZUMBA®Fitness classes, depending on the groups, will be organized at CENTRE CULTUREL in NOSPELT, rue de l'École, or at SALLE POLYVALENTE in KEISPELT, rue de Meispelt, every Thursday, except during school holidays .

enlightened The last class before the Summer holidays will take place on Thursday July 11, 2019.

enlightened In autumn, classes will start again on Thursday September 19, 2019.

 Classes will be taught by the licensed instructors Tatiana Marques http://tatianamarques.zumba.com/ (Zumbatomic® et Zumba®Fitness) and Peggy Ford-Octave (Zumba®Gold / Dance Fitness)

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You may do two free test classes, then you have to sign up and your fee has to be wired

with the name of the inscribed member or members and

with the name of the class or classes you chose

on the account of DTV Kielen IBAN LU92 0090 0001 6120 9630 at Caisse Centrale Raiffeisen CCRALULL (code BIC)






Annual fee


7-12 years

Thursday 18.00-19.00


80 €

Zumba®Fitness evening

13 years and +

Thursday 19.30-20.30


120/100/80 € (*)

Dance Fitness/ Zumba®Gold morning

15 years and +

Thursday 9.30-10.30


120/100/80 € (*)









(*) 120 € (≥18 years and living outside commune de Kehlen)
100 € (≥18 years and living inside commune de Kehlen)
80 € (13-17 years)

Visitors who will not come every week may buy a book of 10 tickets at 50 €.